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Buying A House With Termites

Thinking of buying an older house? While they come with charm and unique advantages, there are problems & possible hidden costs that you should be aware of.

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Should I buy a property with termite damage | Laing + Simmons. is explaining why it is not a good idea to buy a property with termite damage.. 5 ways to Avoid Buying the Wrong House.

termite swarms and how damaging termites can be in your home and Lipsett offers opinions to anyone buying a home, giving you protection on your biggest investment. If you want to protect your house.

Buying a house with a termite warranty. According to recent statistics, termites damage 600,000 homes each year. Some areas and homes are more prone to termite infestation and damage than others, but no home is immune to termites. Many people falsely think a brick home is immune to termite.

If you are buying a house and the inspection reveals the home has termites, you will want to make sure you are protected before finalizing the sale. This page has advice about buying a house with termites.

In real estate trading, if a deal seems unbelievably good, then it probably isn’t to be believed. A house with an unknown level of termite damage poses and unknown financial risk. A house that has been attacked by termites has lost some value. It the attack has been severe or ongoing, then the value of the house is way down.

Buy a home with termite damage. ChristianNasca/E+/Getty Images. Many for-sale homes have some damage caused by termites or other wood-destroying insects.

 · Fifty-four per cent of survey respondents believed homes with termites would lose at least 25 per cent of their value.

It’s a cash-heavy investment and unless you buy the property extremely discounted. raise your hand if you want to deal with toilets, termites and tenants. It’s also risky because of vacancies..

 · I looked at a house in the past and was ready to buy it, did the inspection and found that the house termite damage with no more visible signs of active termites. Ended up getting a quote to fix the damage and if the house was structurally sound and found the house was fine to live in (while getting a yearly inspection done) and to fix it would cost $10-15k.

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