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Is A General Discharge Bad

5 Types of Military Discharge: Benefits (and Consequences. – Tagged bad conduct discharge, dishonorable discharge, general discharge, general discharge under honorable conditions, honorable discharge, types of military discharge Katie B. A small-town Missouri native, Katie is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a degree in English.

Without An Honorable Discharge, Mental Health. – WUSF News – There are five different possibilities: honorable, general under honorable conditions, other than honorable, bad conduct, and dishonorable.

how to try to upgrade your discharge – Fort Sill – – General Discharge: This is separation under honorable conditions.. general court-martial and discharges over 15 years old.. Bad-conduct discharges given.

Military discharge – Wikipedia – After 2000, 352,000 people were handed similar papers ranging from general discharge to bad conduct and dishonorable discharge. Analogous proceedings for commissioned officers. commissioned officers cannot be reduced in rank by a court-martial, nor can they be given a bad conduct discharge or a dishonorable discharge. If an officer is convicted.

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Military Discharge Status: What Does it Mean for VA Benefits. – "Bad paper" – or less-than-honorable discharge status from the military – can cause veterans shame, stigma, and loss of VA benefits. Many veterans, and some VA medical center clerks as well, assume that a less-than-honorable discharge status on a veteran’s discharge documents automatically disqualifies him/her from VA healthcare, disability compensation, educational assistance, and.

Does a General Discharge w/ honorable hurt anything. – These conditions allow considerable latitude by the service doing the discharge. If your national guard branch doesn’t have a legal office, you should hire a lawyer. The distinction doesn’t mean much to you now, but the general discharge is not the same as an honorable discharge for more reasons than simply VA benefits.

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Is a general discharge bad? | Yahoo Answers – I’m in the Army National Guard. Long story short, was a contracted ROTC/SMP cadet, and dropped. Talked to recruiter today and my options are: 1) continue as enlisted and go to AIT this summer. 2) elect discharge (he said it’s probably going to be a general discharge) My question is how bad is a general discharge for later on in life with civilian employment?

Military Discharge Types Defined – Crisp and Associates – Military Discharge Types A characterization of service, often called a "discharge," is assigned when a service member is separated from military service. A military discharge usually falls into one of six categories: Honorable Discharge General Discharge – Under Honorable Conditions Other Than Honorable Discharge Bad conduct discharge dishonorable discharge Uncharacterized Discharge Any.

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