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How To Get A Copy Of Dd 214

This can include the reason for your request, any deadlines related to your request and any other specific information related to your service records besides your DD214. Please note that when filing online, you will still need to print out and sign a copy of the form and mail or fax the signed form to the VA.

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Thank you for your interest in the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor. We are pleased to provide you with information regarding enrollment in the Roll of Honor database. This database provides information about each Purple Heart recipient’s story and it can include photographs and scanned documents which have been provided to us that help enrich/enhance his or her record.

The U.S. government provides a Veterans ID card under a few circumstances for which most Veterans do not qualify to receive. Most government agencies accept a DD214 but it’s oversized, too important to always carry around and it’s doesn’t provide photo identification.

How can I obtain a copy of my DD214? For copies of your military discharge papers, write to: national personnel records center 1 Archives Drive St. Louis, MO 63138. Or you can request a copy from the National Archives online, or from Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency online or by phone at 1-800-MICHVET.

Here’s all the information that you will need to get a copy of your DD214. We’ll explain the various options that you have based on the timeframe that you have set within which to acquire your DD214. We’ll discuss free services where time is not a consideration and you can afford to wait weeks or even months, to paid researcher services when you need to have a copy of your DD214 in-hand today.

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